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Implementing session timeout in your ApEx app – Part 3

October 30, 2008 2 comments

This entry builds on the session timeout functionality described in part 1 and part 2. Be sure to check those posts out first.

One of the comments I received about my last post on session timeout was to do with Oracle Maps/MapViewer. Oracle Maps is a nifty web 2.0 application which enables Google-style maps to be embedded into your web applications, including Apex applications. (Click here for info on Oracle Maps/MapViewer.)

The problem mentioned in the comment was that if you are interacting with your Oracle Maps map for more than 18 minutes then the popup indicating that your session is about to expire will still appear even though you have certainly not been inactive in the application over that time (you have been busy panning, zooming and interacting with your map).

The below is one way to get round this problem. We will add events to the Map object so that the session is kept alive by simply interacting with the map itself (and hence the popup indicating that your session is about to timeout will not popup inappropriately.)

Step 1 – Create an HTML region on your mapping Apex page

Add an HTML region to the Apex page which contains your embedded map.

Set its template to "No template".

Set the source of this region to be the entire contents of the file found here.

Step 2 – Register the new javascript functions with the Oracle Maps map object

If you already have an Oracle Maps map embedded into your application you will have some javascript which sets up the various options for this object (setting its initial X and Y centre position, setting its initial zoom level, adding map decorations etc.). You most likely have this javascript in a .js file which is referenced from your Apex page. What you need to do is add the following code to your javascript. It sets a listener so that whener the user of your application changes the zoom level of the map or recentres the map, their Last Activity Date is updated on the server.

           ,        resetUserLastActivityDateIfNotResetInLastMinute);

           ,        resetUserLastActivityDateIfNotResetInLastMinute);

And there you have it. Simply interacting with the map will now keep the session alive.

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